Audiovisuals, IT & Digital Marketing Solutions

Company Profile and Introduction


We would like to introduce ourselves, “Kumar Digital IT Solutions” (KDITS), as a complete professional company handling day- to-day digital and IT needs of any organization which would like to upscale business in-line with latest trends.

 As global economy is evolving around Mobile, Social media, and Digital applications, KDITS is  working on three strategic business units to giving complete range of Digital Marketing, Audio Visual and IT Solutions.

  • Audio Visuals: To improve performance of Staff and organizational efficiency we give audio visual solutions like Data Projectors, Audio devices, Digital Interactive Boards & Panels, Digital Signage  and Educational aids which are useful in Training students, Staff, Stakeholders and customers to understand your goal clearly and work on achieve performance efficiency.

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  • IT Solutions: To run a business, we need infrastructure and supportive equipment like CCTV, Video conference, IT products, racks and photo copying machines depending on your business which are in-office solutions.

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  • Digital Marketing solutions includes Web DesigningSEOBranding ,Content Writing and Google Ads and Mobile Apps. Digital Marketing is important to connect to customers and helping in generating leads and focusing on interactive buying. We give solutions to make an ecosystem which applies digital content for engaging customers, tapping qualified leads and thereby conversions .

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 We are associated with popular brands to give good service which we feel is important as long term relation is involved. Irrespective of brands we give complete cost effective solutions which can improve your business.

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