Racks for Computers, Servers, CCTV or Audiovisual Equipment

IT Racks

Network, Server, CCTV, and Audiovisual Racks

Racks are used to arrange all electronic devices related to networks, servers, audiovisual equipment, CCTV, or computer in a systematic and professional manner.

A metal frame with accessories and options in different sizes and suitable to the customer is suggested.

The racks come in different sizes, measured in rack units u, i.e., 2u, 4u, 6u, etc., where each u refers to the distance between the holes in the frame. These are floor mountable and wall mountable.

Other factors we need to see is the depth and width of the rack measured in mm or inches.


Glass Door

Lock and key

PDU (Power Distribution Unit)

Cantilever Shelf.

Fans for cooling

Wiring management options.

Select your needed rack for your applications keeping in mind, the scalability required, thermal conditions needed, security, the number of power sockets and shelves required.Many other factors which are relevant can be suggested if you require one. Our expert will suggest you customized solution for the application you want to integrate.


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