Audiovisual Solutions are aids used in enhancing meetings or gatherings of more people in effective manner. The organizations meeting’s objective is achieved using AV solutions. It helps the presenter to connect to audience, engage with the content in combination of  audio and video formats. Kumar Digital IT Solutions, AV System Integrator caters to Audio Visual needs of your organization with relevant experience.

We sell, hire and service all audiovisual products.


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Audiovisual solutions

Based on your organization we suggest different solutions with our product range like Projectors, Screens, video conference,Digital Signage displays, Interactive Flat Display Panels(Interactive White Board), Audio Devices, PA(Public Address) system with microphone and speakers.

Kumar Digital IT Solutions Audiovisual Projects division executes turnkey projects, by incorporating products listed below. We execute the projects by proper planning, integrating and installing by combining suitable products and services with utmost satisfaction of our clients.


Projectors are used to see the content like, presentations or videos on large screens used for corporate and home purposes. Corporate use Data projectors for presentation, images, and videos for business training, videoconference, and meetings. Whereas home projectors are used mainly for cinema viewing purposes, business projectors are used for corporate usage.

Mainly there are two kinds of projectors, LCD and DLP. LCD  uses three color Red, Green, and Blue LCD panels which produce color. DLP Technology uses a DMP chip & rotating color wheel to produce colors.

The main technical aspects to see in a projector are Brightness, measured in Lumens, Resolution, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, WXGA, etc., Contrast Ratio, Lamp life, ports, Keystone correction, etc.

While selecting a projector we should take into consideration some of the aspects like audience size, length and breadth of Hall, other lighting environments which are required in room and other aspects.

Projection Screens

To see the image projected by the projector,  Projection Screens are used. Different sizes are available like 6X4, 6X8, 5X7, etc.. They are divided into map type, Wall mountable, Tripod Screens. Pull down option will be available in manual screens. Motorized and fixed frame screens, which are suitable to your applications are recommended.


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Motorized Screens are automated and can be controlled with remote control or a switch. Some Screens can be pulled down or retracted into housing physically too. Large screens are fixed to wall in Auditoriums and halls.

Audio Devices& Public Address system

Conference or meeting will not be complete unless we have audio incorporated. Yes, audio devices should be connected in the eco-system of the auditorium, conference hall, etc. The audio input from devices like  PC, Video, Audio players, PA Systems is connected to suitable amplifiers and speakers depending on wattage requirement. Different kinds of speakers like horn, ceiling, wall-mountable, portable, box, Tower and Bar speakers which are wired and wireless can be used. 

Interactive White Boards/Displays

As the name suggests Interactive whiteboards are educational and training aids to enhance interactive teachings. Digital displays are made into interactive adding touch features like annotation, saving the picture, watching videos, screenshots, saving annotated content in different formats

And sharing the saved content to students after class helps them in revising the lesson taught. In advance, teacher can upload content into interactive software and use while teaching.

Display Signage is used to communicate and display content in video, display and image formats. Mostly they used in promoting your products and attracting customers .Shopping malls, stores, outside and indoor of supermarkets, Transport terminals like airports, railway stations, bus stations, kiosks, digital hoardings, hospitals and hotel industry are some of the users.

Based on your application,LED and LCD display panels are categorised into Standard, Indoor, Outdoor, Videowall and Interactive segments.

Hiring of Audiovisual Solutions

We hire/rent/lease audiovisual equipment, like Projector, Screen, LED Screens and audio solutions based on your requirement.

Servicing of Audiovisual Solutions

Our service team assures smooth handling and maintenance of all audiovisual equipment supplied by us. Our service team handles the calls in a systematic fashion, by giving quality and timely support. The spares like lamps, panels, lens etc.. will be arranged from our principal companies and assembled. Ultimate customer satisfaction is our motto.


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