Closed Circuit Television


Closed Circuit Television is a system used for Surveillance, monitory and Security purposes. It is an effective tool in safeguarding property and monitoring for any movements and dangers which can be affecting you. With increasing crime and vulnerability to dangers, the requirement of close monitoring is increasing day by day. We need to protect in the ways which are safe and long-term.

Who can use CCTV?


The solutions depend upon the type of organization, whether it is for public places, educational Institutions, Retail business, shopping malls, Banking, Health Care or any Business Environment.

Depending on requirements there are different models and technologies.


Not only for organizations but also can be used by individuals for personal purposes, like the safety of their home, property, children and old age persons. Home automation products also give additional features like SMS alerts and alarm solutions.

Based on the budget and level of security, surveillance and monitoring needed different kinds of solutions can be suggested.


Technologies: Digital and Analog

Based on the budget and level of security, surveillance and monitoring needed, different kinds of solutions can be suggested.

Additional features like zoom, pan, tilt cameras, network recording with night vision, motion detection, recording time, quality of images and video required are taken into consideration while procuring the system. Proper cabling should be done with quality cables for long term sustenance. Continuous Internet Connection with bandwidth and hard disk space plays a key role in costing.

CCTV Installation.

IP Camera (digital) or Analog Cameras are placed in proper positions, whether indoor or outdoor, connected in a network and the recording is captured in the hard disk placed in Digital Video Recorder(DVR)/(Network Video Recorder(NVR). The recording can be monitored in the PC monitor, Display or TV or mobile.

Mobile options

Mobile Option is beautifully synchronized with the surveillance thereby, just by logging into the app provided by the provider online monitoring can be done..

Advantages :

Employee performance in the business, Security, retrieve live recorded events in case of any theft or crime, Children monitoring from remote locations, Patient observation  etc,.

Note: Consider local legal regulations while installing,

 Keep proper notice in the office that the premises is under CCTV Surveillance.


Many brands give CCTV solutions with low to high budgets depending on quality and services.

Please contact me for any further clarification ,so that we can give suitable solutions which are proper and scalable.

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